Goodnight, Grandad

I once asked my grandfather how he’d like to spend his final days. After a lifetime spent travelling between England, Canada and the US, I was curious which of these places he’s called home would call to him in the end. “I’d like to be on a tropical beach somewhere, with a beautiful woman bringing … More Goodnight, Grandad

Hey Jude

My godmother Jude died almost a year ago. Her ashes were scattered yesterday, though I wasn’t able to join the family to say that particular goodbye. As I approach the anniversary of her sudden death, I find myself thinking of her a lot, so I dug up the eulogy (of sorts) I wrote in the aftermath. … More Hey Jude

2014: Reflections

At the end of each year since 2011, I’ve written a reflective essay looking back at the previous 12 months and ahead to the coming year. Read notes from 2012, 2013, 2015 & 2016. This has been a year of great love and great loss. Looking back, the year divides neatly into three chapters, each … More 2014: Reflections