Goals (or why I’m not writing every day)

This week in counselling, we talked about goals. Not just achieving goals, but how to make goals that are realistic and attainable, and help support all areas of my life. My homework this week was to set myself achievable goals that cover the necessities (paying bills, solving problems etc.) the routine (cooking, cleaning, self-care) and the pleasurable (fun time with friends, Jake, and by myself). I was given a worksheet with a table on it, breaking down the week into chunks of manageable time in which to set myself each of my small goals.

I’ve always been an organiser and list-maker, so the idea of charting my weekly aims appealed to my inner Monica 🙂 As I talked through my goals with my counsellor, I realised one of my aims for 2016 – to write every day using daily prompts – was not, at this point in my life, achievable. I didn’t decide to embark on this project until a week or so into the new year, and was never able to catch up, leaving me feeling anxious and like a failure (which is pretty much the opposite of what I hoped daily writing would give me).

So instead, I have reworked my writing goals for the year form daily writing to weekly writing – something I considered early in the year before discarding it as too easy *facepalm*

So, for those who may have wondered where the last month’s worth of daily prompts have gone…..don’t worry. I’ll still be using the prompts to encourage more regular and adventurous writing, but I will NOT be pressuring myself to write every day. Instead, I will instead dedicate some time each week to writing without any minimum requirement for quantity or quality.

I’m glad you’re all here 🙂


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