Jan. 2 – Write Here, Write Now

Daily Prompt 2/365: Write a post entirely in the present tense.

This time right now.

This is how we love: we take in every moment together, the good and the hard, our memories and our hopes, and soak it all up every day like a sponge. When we lay there holding hands, or lean our foreheads together in the kitchen, or dance in the living room, we squeeze the sponge and let them wash over us, every moment we’ve shared and every hope for the future.

Living in the past is easy: we know how the story turns out. We are comforted by that which has already passed.

Living in the future is easy, too: there’s nothing real there, nothing to fear because everything has been written by us, whether it’s good or bad.

Living in the present is hard – but that’s where the good stuff happens. We are accountable for everything we do and feel, it is up to us to make the right choices, to choose happiness and gratitude over resentment and blame.

This time right now, I choose you. I choose us.


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